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The 发展团队 work behind the scenes and at alumni events in Canada and around the world ensuring that our alumni and parents remain engaged with the school and that 边境上大学 has the financial means to continue fulfilling its important mission.


  • 杰西·麦克雷,进步部主任

    (819) 876-7891,分机. 224

    Jesse is a Stanstead alumnus (2002) and a longtime supporter of 边境上大学. 除了 to being involved in countless alumni activities, he served as a trustee and member of the Board of Directors and Advancement Committee. His late father Rick was also an SC alumnus and a board member. 杰西监督进步会的运作,包括大额捐赠, 策划捐赠和校友关系及活动.


  • 凯伦·库欣,年度基金发展助理

    (819) 876-7891,分机. 225

    Since 1998, Karen has been the front-line person in the Advancement Office. 她一直在追踪那个人, what and where of the school’s various constituents and is also responsible for the deployment of the school's Annual Fund. Karen is also the parent of a Stanstead alumna (Alyssa MacPherson '18).  


  • 艾米丽·马洛西,高级助理

    (819) 876-7891,分机. 303

    Emily studied Education and was a teacher for 11 years both in Montreal and overseas. She has worked in school administration since 2015 in admissions and communications. Emily于2020年加入先进性团队. She is responsible for assisting in fundraising activities, direct appeals and alumni events. 她的哥哥大卫·马洛西是斯坦斯特德大学的毕业生(2004).


  • 乔丹·巴克·汤普森,高级助理

    (819) 876-7891,分机. 303

    乔丹是体育菠菜大平台的校友(2013届). 在2023年加入先进团队之前, Jordan studied marketing and worked as a field sales representative for the Labatt Brewing Company. He assists in fundraising activities, direct appeals and the organization of alumni events. 
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