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Hockey @ SC

The hockey tradition at Stanstead College goes back to the very early days of the sport. Today, Stanstead hockey serves as a gateway for young boys and girls looking to improve their skills, 学业上的成功和高中以后打球的机会. 在体育菠菜大平台,我们很重视曲棍球.
"Arriving at Stanstead I knew it was the right fit for me as a person and as a hockey player. I was pushed academically, developed study habits and became a more independent person."
2020 QMJHL, 2nd round draft, 23rd overall, Moncton Wildcats; 2021-22, BCHL Penticton Vees; committed to University of Maine
Stanstead College hockey is recognized as one of the finest prep school programs in Eastern Canada, with top-notch training and an intensive schedule against highly competitive prep teams in New England and beyond. Over the years, Spartan alumni have gone on to play elite junior and college hockey and attend quality North American universities.

Varsity boys and girls hockey teams at Stanstead College benefit from a two-term schedule that begins in September and finishes in March. Both varsity teams practice 5 times per week with 3-4 off-ice sessions as well throughout the year. Our prep boys and girls teams practice 2-3 times per week in the fall and compete full-time during the winter term ending in March/April. The thirds team competes in the winter term and practices 3-4 times per week with 2-3 off-ice sessions.

Our teams are proud to boast wonderful state-of-the-art locker rooms in one of the finest new ice hockey facilities in Canada, the Pat Burns Arena.

Facilities & Resources

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  • Pat Burns Arena

    • 球队指定更衣室
    • Restaurant
    • 360-person capacity seating area plus a “standing area” that can accommodate over 100 spectators
    • 一个大型加热观景阳台,可直接通往餐厅区
    • VIP Room
    • 健身及理疗中心
    Visit giving.yangyineng.com/arena
  • 扬科夫斯基家庭训练中心

    • 人工冰面
    • 规板和有机玻璃
    • 雷达炮和读数标志
    • Stick-handling机
    • Two shooting tarps
    • Resistance machine
  • 体重和健身室

    Stanstead College has two weight and fitness rooms located in the Amaron Gynasium and in the Pat Burns Arena, 所有运动员都很容易接触到这两种方法. In addition, all of our elite hockey teams train with strength coach Xavier Roy.
  • 体育支持人员

    Athletic Therapist
    819-876-2371, ext. 210
    Sonia Perron
    Head School Nurse
    819-876-7891 ext. 264                     
    Dr. Guy Charette
    Team Doctor

Latest Hockey News


  • 本周最佳运动员:nosammie Cloutier

    一个来自舍布鲁克的11年级学生, Quebec, nosammie Cloutier是心脏, soul and rock of the prep girls hockey team all through last weekend's JWHL playoffs. 由于伤病,球队整个周末都缺少两名后卫, 队长每隔一秒就负责防守. Not only did she perform her regular duties of shutting down the opposition’s offensive threats, but she also contributed offensively by scoring her first goal of the season in the opening game. She played through the pain of badly bruised ribs and never complained about it. 如此渴望总冠军, 她早上6点就提前三个小时到达,为这场大赛做准备. The girls could not have pulled it off this weekend without her leadership and unconditional dedication to a team-first attitude. 恭喜你,本周最佳运动员诺·克劳蒂尔.
  • 预科女生联赛冠军,大学男生联赛冠军

    祝贺我们的校队男生和预科女生曲棍球队, both of whom came from behind to earn their respective league championships this past Sunday.
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