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Build a RAFT to Get Through Your Goodbyes

作者:安德里亚 Schmitt
Will 你 be counting in weeks or days until the end of this school year? 不管你怎么做,很快你就需要收拾你在体育菠菜大平台的房间了. Maybe 你're already sorting through things in 你r mind. 要保留什么? What to take home? What to throw or give away? 当你想到学年结束时,你的感受取决于你未来的计划是什么. Was this just one year in Canada for 你? Will 你 come back in September? Are 你 in Grade 11 or 12 and this will be 你r last year at SC?
无论你的情况如何,在接下来的几周里你都要和很多人说再见. 说一段恰当而美好的再见对于健康地过渡到下一篇章是很重要的. 根据国际知名书籍的作者大卫·波洛克的说法 Third Culture Kids, a good way to do this is building a RAFT. This is an approach 你 can apply now and for any future transitions. Here is how it works:
This means forgiving. Repair any broken relationships before 你 leave. Don't go away with an icky feeling. It might be walking up to the person 你 fought with and talking to them. You can do this with a friend if 你 don't want to do this alone. 你可以说,“很抱歉X之后我们没怎么说话,但我祝你暑假愉快。!" The outcome, of course, depends on the other person's response. 但不管他们的反应如何,你已经尽力为自己结束了这一篇章! 你想平静地离开,并在此之前理顺你们的关系. 这样,你就避免了糟糕的记忆和额外的包袱,否则你可能会随身携带多年.
我们通过积极的肯定来建立和维持友谊和关系. 在这种情况下, it might be writing 你r favourite teacher a fnew note, 送给你的室友一张你们俩的特别照片,或者送给你的朋友一件他们非常喜欢的红色t恤. A friendly word and hugs count as well! 用这个, 你 are showing them (friends, 老师, cleaning staff…) 你r appreciation, what 你 have learned from them and what they meant to 你.
X的婴儿), places (Traditions), 动物(老师的狗)和财产(你没有带的画). Ah, and 你r room! These are all like little ceremonies and will take longer than 你 t劳务. Make a list and tick goodbyes off. Hug, cry and hug some more!
T劳务 目的地
Even while 你 are still using up the tissues with a heavy heart, 你 need to t劳务 realistically about 你r 目的地, 你的未来, 今年夏天. Where are 你 going? Your parents' house, 你r home country, a new country? Do 你 need to prepare anything before 你 leave? What do 你 need to organize? 考虑目的地也意味着计划一些你在夏天要做的活动. 这可以是拜访朋友,夏令营,你计划看的电影或者你想见的人. 当你还在说再见的时候,向前看也同样重要!
用这个, 你 have everything to build 你r first "raft.“我并不是说这很容易,因为你可能会感到悲伤、矛盾和陌生. 你甚至可能会认为,在接下来的几周里,躲在房间里,然后直接回家可能会更容易. 但你现在做的是故意结束体育菠菜大平台2022-23的章节 !
无论何时你离开一个地方,你都可以用这个技巧说再见, a country or a school in the future. Enjoy making these memories!
I wish 你 all a great summer 2023!!

安德里亚·施密特是一名生活教练,专门从事青少年和前斯坦斯特德的父母(杰西卡·洛扎诺·施密特2018). Find out more about her services at http://www.globalgirlcoach.com/ or email andrea@globalgirlcoach.com.